The Dark Knight Rises by Hans Zimmer

No movie this season polarised peoples’ opinion like’The Dark Knight Rises’. This was the cinematic equivalent of Marmite. Fans and laymen alike slammed itat precisely the exact same time that the box office takings climbed and grew revealing that some people loved it. I fall into the latter camp. I recognized the movie’s flaws but enjoyed it.

There are similar problems with the soundtrack. Hans Zimmer’s score, while stirring can be somewhat repetitive and occasionally interchangeable. Not many times did I hear a track and think, oh that is the area where Bruce Wayne decides to return as Batman or even Selina Kyle looked a little shifty in this scene.
Much like the movie, an individual can still appreciate the soundtrack. 1 constant theme is that the chanting of’deshi basara’ that composer Hans Zimmer says signifies’grow up’. By the increase of Bane and his origin, the town of Gotham trying to fight against the fat and then terrorism and the eventual growth of you-know-who, it is the perfect headline for the movie and score.

Much like the movie, the scene is set early with’Gotham’s Reckoning’ giving us dim omens and a feeling of impending doom with loads of drums and, you guessed it.

‘The Fire Rises’,”Despair’ and’Stress will see You’ will be the actual show-stealers of this record. Spliced together with the excerpts of this’Batman’ theme that’s been prominent throughout Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, they push the pace and will be the jolt the soundtrack should get going.
The last track on the record is’Rise’ is exactly what I was actually waiting for and it did not disappoint. Covering the previous scene of the movie, which I actually liked but I know others did not, this trail captured the scene absolutely, ending the album on a high note.
Christopher Nolan lovers will adore it, Batman fans will adore it and Hans Zimmer fans will adore it. If you prefer Arabic chanting and drums, you likely will, too.